Add value to your home.

Feb 28th 2014
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Painting your house exterior will add value to your home. But before you do, cleaning your house exterior is a must. Don’t think you can skip this step, either. The minute we start pressure washing it and seeing all of that pitch-black water coursing off, you’ll be glad we did that. The value of pressure cleaning before painting means your exterior paint will last longer. By painting dirty siding, you seriously shorten your paint’s lifespan from about 7 years to only 3 years. So, it is a good idea to get it right the first time. Lucky for you, Blue Water Complete Service not only provides exterior painting, but pressure cleaning and window cleaning as well. So the next your house do for a make over, call Blue Water Complete Service. For all of southeast Florida call us at 954-790-6838. For all of southwest Florida call us at 239-676-6807.‚Äč

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