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Aug 28th 2012
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It is a fact that getting enough sunlight and vitamin D can put you in a better mood. Since that is true, many of the houses and buildings are designed to include several large windows in South Florida. Commercial window cleaning is the best solution because the cleaners are trained experts that can make your windows shine.  But if you want to touch up your windows until you find the perfect South Florida residential window cleaning cleaning, here are some tips that will allow you to wash either type of window as efficiently as you can.

Tips for Perfect South Florida Residential Window Cleaning and South Florida Commercial Window Cleaning

  • Buy a high-quality squeegee and keep it fitted with a sharp, new rubber blade. You can purchase the same tools that professionals use at home centers and hardware stores.  You should also invest in a scrubber, a bucket, dishwashing liquid and a few rags or small towels.
  •  Replace the blade to your squeegee frequently. The squeegee will not work correctly if the blade becomes nicked, sliced or rounded over with use. If your squeegee begins to leave streaks you should replace the blade immediately. You can get a bit more use out of a blade that isn’t nicked or sliced by reversing it to expose a new edge.
  •  When you store the squeegee, make sure nothing touches the blade.
  • All you need to wash windows is a couple of gallons of water and a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid. In warm weather, you should try and use cool water.
  • Choosing between a scrubber and a sponge is a personal choice. A scrubber may be preferable it you have medium to large panes of glass, such as on a commercial building. A good-quality sponge may be all you need for small windowpanes.

If you follow these tips you can keep your windows clear so that South Florida sun will continue to stream in and brighten up your day.

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