Paver Sealing and Paver Cleaning f

Aug 29th 2012
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So you’ve invested money into redoing the outside of your home. The landscaping is done, majestic trees are growing and flowers are blooming. Your patio has just been laid and it’s a beautiful day in South Florida. Paver sealing, however, needs to be done right away to keep your patio looking sleek and new, indefinitely.  Here are the steps a professional paver will take to make yours beautiful.

Applying the Sealer

The technician will apply the sealer to a clean, dry surface using a compressed air hand pump sprayer.  Next, he’ll apply a heavy soaking coat of the sealer.  He’ll then immediately sponge any excess product down into the sand joints using a foam or rubber squeegee. After the final coat, the professional will instruct you to let the sealer dry two hours before walking on it.   You should keep as much automobile traffic and moisture off of it as possible for 72 hours

When Should Have Your Pavers Sealed?

South Florida paver sealing is something you should do right after your new patio or driveway stones have been set. That way it will look the best it can in South Florida. Paver cleaning should be done routinely in order to keep your pavers looking like new.

The Right Steps for South Florida Paver Cleaning

The technician will first use a hose with a spray attachment to get off topical dirt and then remove any remaining stubborn dirt with a pressure washer. He’ll use hot water and a fan spray rather than a small nozzle because a direct spray may damage the surface. After that, he’ll sweep the pavers with a broom to replace the sand that has been removed by the pressure washer.

Next, he’ll test a small spot before using the cleaning products since some types of pavers may be damaged or discolored by certain chemicals.  Once he has determined that his chemicals are safe on your pavers, he’ll apply the cleaner using a paint roller, brush or broom. The cleaner will need to set for four to five minutes.

Then, he’ll wash the paving stones using a stiff brush, broom, or with a pressure cleaner, scrubbing a small area at a time, until all the pavers have been cleaned.  Finally, the professional paver cleaner will rinse the pavers thoroughly with a hose and let them dry.

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