Prepare Your Home for the Season w

Nov 10th 2012

Opening your house for the winter season doesn’t have to be a major chore for you when you hire a South Florida home cleaning service to do the bulk of the work. Whether you’re preparing your home for winter residence or doing routine cleaning work, hiring a cleaning service to deal with the outdoor cleaning tasks. Here are just a few of the tasks that a complete South Florida home cleaning service can do for you.

Wash Down the Lanai

Cleaning the floor of the lanai can be a tedious task, even if you rent a power-washer. For many cleaning companies in South Florida, power washing is major feature of their home cleaning services.  A good home cleaning service understands the many factors of cleaning various surfaces. They’ll use non-toxic cleaners that do the job right without harming your wood or stone lanai floors. Many companies can even finish the job by applying the appropriate sealant to keep your surfaces looking fresh and new.

Clean the Gutters

If there’s any job that most homeowners dread, it’s cleaning out the gutters. A knowledgeable and experienced South Florida home cleaning service can take that chore off your list and get it done for you in no time at all. Why climb a ladder and risk falls when you can hire a service to do the job for you properly?

Wash Down the Drive and Walkways

Stone or concrete walkways and driveways are prone to all sorts of stains that mar their appearance. You can try to lift those stains yourself, but why risk damaging the surface or staining it further? A good home cleaning service can easily identify the stains on your concrete or stone surfaces and remove them without doing damage to your flagstones, pavers or concrete surfaces.

Clean the House Exterior

Taking a power washer to your home’s exterior may seem like a fairly simple task until you actually attempt it. The best power washing equipment can be tricky to operate properly, and the power washers available for public rentals often don’t have the power needed to really scrub the siding. An home cleaning service has the equipment and chemicals needed to clean your house exterior safely and leave it looking fresh and new.

Hiring an experienced South Florida home cleaning service is the easy way to get your house prepped and ready for the upcoming season without putting yourself and your property at risk.

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