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Sep 10th 2012
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Do you do windows? If you do, then you know that washing windows in Florida isn’t just time- and labor-intensive. The combination of climate, sea air and high mineral content of the water and rain can do some serious damage to your windows. Mineral deposits, salt and pollution can film your windows, and in severe cases, even appear to etch the glass. The dirt and film can make your entire home appear dingy, but cleaning your windows can be a time consuming – and even dangerous – task. A professional South Florida window cleaning service can get your windows sparkling clean and make your house look great.

What to Expect from a South Florida Window Cleaning Company

Many window cleaning companies in Florida use power washers to “scrub” your windows, but the better window cleaning services in southern Florida do your windows the way you’d do them yourself – by hand, one window at a time. Why do it that way?

Small cracks, chips and dents in your windows may not appear to the naked eye, especially from ground level. When a window cleaner gets up close and personal, he or she can spot those trouble areas and point them out to you before taking extra special care to clean your windows without causing further damage.

High pressure streams of water, by contrast, can easily exacerbate damage to the glass. At the same time, a pressure washer can actually force dislodged dirt into the crevices of window frames and build up in the corners of the windows. Hand washing by a professional window cleaning service allows careful detailing and leaves your windows sparkling bright and clean.

Most South Florida window cleaning experts recommend professional cleaning at least once a year to remove the built up film from pollution, salt air and other debris. In addition to regular cleaning, many South Florida window cleaning companies can handle more serious staining problems, such as those caused by water runoff from gutters or metal oxidation. Regular cleaning won’t do the trick, but professional window cleaners have the right equipment and cleaning solutions to remove even the most stubborn stains from your windows.

Many South Florida power washing companies also offer professional window cleaning services. Be sure to ask if they clean your windows by hand before you engage them to take care of your window cleaning needs.

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