Paver Sealing/Cleaning

Bring your patio and driveway back to life!

As professional hardscape restoration contractors, we can return your patio, driveway, deck, or walkway to its former glory. The restoration products we use can bring back any color you desire. How does it work? The great thing about concrete is that is porous, which means that a high quality concrete color stain will seep down into the material, rather than simply remaining on the surface, like a paint. In other words, the color will last. But to ensure that it does not fade, we also offer sealing products that protect against UV rays and prevent the need for additional pressure washing and color staining.

Old or new, we have solutions for you.

Believe it or not, a great time for you to invest in our surface sealing service is when an exposed surface is brand new. Whether the pavers or colored concrete are on the patio, driveway or around the pool, the job will be much quicker and more affordable, since the surface will not need to be pressure cleaned or color stained. All we have to do is apply a powerful sealant that will improve its appearance and protect it from the elements.

Of course, we also complete repair on damaged outdoor surfaces. Natural stones, colored concrete, and pavers are all high-maintenance materials. If they are neglected, even for a little while, they can quickly fall into a state of disrepair. This is especially true of concrete.

Say goodbye to dirt, grime and unpleasant stains.

The first step in most restorations jobs is to thoroughly clean the area. A pressure washer is a mechanical sprayer that produces a stream of water that is hundreds of times more powerful than an ordinary garden hose. This powerful stream is used to remove mold, mildew, dirt, oil stains, even graffiti. After cleaning, the surface will be as good as new, but the color may not have changed. If the pavers or colored concrete have faded, they may need to be restained.
Though it is arguably the greatest building material in the history of man, concrete is far from perfect. It can and often does crack over time. The good news is that we can repair these splits with our special concrete menders, which will not change the texture of the material.

Your investment is 100% worthwhile, so protect it.

Instead of going with boring bricks or predictable pavement, some homeowners decide to dress up their outdoor living space with colored concrete, pavers, and natural stones. Pavers are particularly popular because they are precast and are available in a wide range of shapes and colors. They are often used to build patios and decks. Some homeowners also use them to create walkways and driveways!

Don’t replace it! Resurface it and save money.

We also offer resurfacing services, which is far more affordable than actually replacing the concrete. As long as the material is in relatively good condition and is structurally sound, we will be able to rejuvenate your patio, walkways, driveway, or pool area. If you would like to spruce up the surface, we offer a range of decorative options that can be applied during the resurfacing process.

Like any building material that is subjected to the elements, pavers and colored concrete will fade over time. Regular maintenance may extend their lifespan, but there is nothing you can do to combat the sun. Their colors will inevitably dim. The good news is that they can be restored.

The specialists at Blue Water Complete Services will help you protect your investment and revitalize worn surfaces. All you have to do is give us a call to get started today!