Window Cleaning

We take window maintenance very seriously.

Professional window washing is a process that requires the right tools in the hands of an experienced service technician. Our employees always begin by inspecting each window before they clean it. They look for cracks, holes, dents, or any other aperture than may allow water to enter the adobe. Existing damage may also be exacerbated if the window is cleaned with a pressure washer. What is it?

Our service professionals do not use pressure washers when they are cleaning windows. They wash every window by hand and detail every window inside and out. Our full-service cleaning crews will also clean the window screens, frames, sills, and the insides of the windows. The cleaning solutions they use are specifically designed to keep your windows cleaner for longer.

Your windows deserve a clear view.

Windows are one of the most important elements in the design of any structure, whether commercial or residential. In addition to their decorative qualities, windows are also highly functional. They allow light in and can be opened or closed depending on the weather. Windows also provide homeowners and office workers with something that is almost universally appreciated—a view! The one and only drawback is that windows can be difficult to maintain.

Dirt, debris, and residues from pollution can stick to windows and make them difficult to see through, i.e. less transparent. These impurities will also make them less translucent, i.e., they will not let as much light in. It is for these reasons that homeowners should clean their windows at least once a year. Unfortunately, most folks don’t have the time, experience, or equipment to clean them properly. Sure, washing them from the inside may be possible, but what about the exterior? A rickety ladder, a bucket of soap water, and sponge are not a particularly prudent combination, which is why most homeowners leave window cleaning to the pros.

We go beyond simply cleaning windows.

Every now and then, a customer contacts us to reverse serious water damage. They often fear that they will have to replace their windows if they cannot be successfully restored. Water damage is commonly caused by mineral deposits that are the result of hard water sources, such as yard sprinklers. Masonry run-off or metal oxidation may also be to blame for the problem. This damage cannot be removed with soap and water, no matter how hard or long you scrub, which is why most homeowners fear the worse when they discover it.

The good news is that most glass windows can be restored with the right equipment and cleaning solutions. The job may require several applications and special techniques, but our services professionals have been quite successful at removing these harmful and unsightly substances.

Make the clear choice in professional window cleaning services by calling Blue Water Complete today!