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Sep 20th 2012
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Southern Florida is known for its beautiful buildings – condos and hotels and homes and office buildings with huge windows and gorgeous views. There are patio windows and deck windows and windows that overlook courtyards and stunning windows with ocean views – and they all have one thing in common: they need to be cleaned regularly to maintain their beauty. In short, if you own a South Florida building, window cleaning services are a necessary part of your regular building maintenance.

How Often Should You Clean Your Building Windows?

How often you clean the windows in your building depends on a number of different factors. Most South Florida professional window cleaning services recommend professional cleaning for your windows at least once a year. If your building is on the coast, however, salt spray and salt air may leave filmy deposits on your windows so that they require more frequent cleaning. Likewise, if your building is in the center of the city or in an area that has a lot of pollution, your windows may need professional cleaning more often.

Benefits of South Florida Building Window Cleaning

There are obvious benefits to engaging a South Florida window cleaning service to clean your windows. While it may be easy to clean the inside of your windows, the exterior is much trickier. No one wants to balance on a rickety ladder with a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. When you let professionals take care of the window cleaning chores, you don’t take any risks – you leave them to trained professionals.

Clean windows are more attractive. Dusty windows don’t sparkle in the sun and can make your building look dingy. If it’s a professional building or a retail building, streaked, dirty or dusty windows make a clear statement about the care and maintenance of your property – and it’s a statement you probably don’t want to make.

Don’t let dusty, stained and dirty windows detract from your reputation. Contact a professional South Florida building window cleaning company and arrange for a thorough window cleaning today. You’ll be delighted with how fresh and new your entire building looks with clean, sparkling windows.

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