South Florida Paver Cleaning Advic

Sep 02nd 2012
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As many homeowners in southern Florida have discovered, pavers make lovely, convenient patios, drives and walkways – but they’re prone to some nasty types of stains and growths if they’re not properly cleaned and sealed. Regular cleaning is a necessity if you want to keep your patios and walkways looking new, but it’s important to use the right cleaning equipment and cleaning solutions. In many cases, you’re best off contracting with a South Florida paver cleaning company to make sure that everything is done right. Once the stains and heavy cleaning are done properly, have the pavers properly sealed by a South Florida paver sealing company to prevent them from becoming stained again.

Once your stone pavers have been properly cleaned by a professional South Florida paver cleaning company, there are a few things you can do to maintain the fresh, new look.

Sweep Regularly

If your pavers are finished with a high gloss sealer, it’s important to prevent scratches and grit from damaging the stones. The best way to keep the finish looking fresh and new is to sweep the pavers regularly with a broom to remove surface grit and debris that can be ground into the finish.

Wipe Up Spills Promptly

Spills, particularly acidic or oily spills, can sink into porous stones and stain them. Soda, fruit juice and wine can eat away at the finish and damage the stone if left to soak. Wipe them up promptly and wash with clear water. Oily stains are harder to remove and your best bet is to keep oils away from your paved patio. A professional South Florida paver cleaning company can make short work of auto oil or other oily stains on your patio or driveway.

Wash with Mild Soapy Water

In between professional cleanings, you can use mild, soapy water and a stiff brush to give your pavers a thorough cleaning. Avoid using bleach, acids and other harsh chemicals unless you’re following the instructions left for you by your cleaning company.

You’ve made a significant investment into your stone paver patio, pathway or drive. It’s worth it to engage a professional South Florida paver cleaning company to protect your investment and keep it looking new.

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