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Jun 20th 2012
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Paver stones may be one of the best things to happen to outdoor living since patio furniture. They simplify the construction of patios and fit together to create beautiful, functional spaces for you and your family. Even if you’ve chosen to install your patio pavers yourself, there are a number of reasons to turn to a South Florida professional paver cleaning service to do routine cleaning, maintenance and special service cleaning.

Cleaning Patio Pavers

A well-built patio made of pavers will stand the test of time, but paver stones require regular cleaning to prolong their lives and keep them looking new. Flora such as moss, lichen and algae can leave stains and contaminants on the stones that make them unsightly and can be stubborn to remove. Spills from food and other things can stain pavers as well, and may require special treatment to remove if they’re not dealt with promptly.

Paving Materials

Different paving materials require different cleaning methods and different cleaning supplies and materials. Proper cleaning for each material is vital to maintaining their appearance and their integrity. Pay close attention to any instructions given to you. Professional sealants may also affect the cleaning methods you can use and the supplies and cleaners that will work best for your patio paver cleaning. If you use the wrong cleaning supplies or methods, you risk damaging your patio permanently.

Understanding Your Patio Pavers

Knowing your patio pavers can help you maintain them and preserve their appearance between professional cleaning as well. For example, brick patio pavers, which easily absorb stains and oils and are difficult to clean, are especially popular with homeowners in South Florida. Professional paver sealing can make them easier to maintain, but being aware of their tendency to pick up stains can help you avoid problems in the first place.

Regular Paver Maintenance

Cleaning your pavers regularly is the key to a beautiful, well-maintained patio. Most professional cleaners recommend cleaning your patio pavers once a week to keep them looking their best. Many homeowners use high pressure washers to clean their pavers, but the routine use of high pressure washers can damage some paving materials, such as bricks. Others use chemical cleaners to remove stains, but many concrete pavers can be damaged by chemical cleaners. Your best option is to consult with a South Florida professional paver cleaning service and get advice and instructions on the best way to care for your patio.

Dealing with Specific Stains

It’s usually best to call in professionals to deal with stubborn stains rather than risk damaging them with home remedies.  When you choose to have your patio cleaned by a South Florida professional paver cleaning company, you can be sure that they’ll use the safest methods of cleaning for both your patio and your family and pets.

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